Ebrahim Bahaa-Eldin




Ebrahim Bahaa-Eldin


Photo by Mena Assad

A multi-disciplinary artist, photographer, and anthropologist currently based in Cairo, Egypt. Ebrahim uses his studies in anthropology to guide his approach to photography. His work integrates the notions of space, time and memory and how we relate to them. Through questioning and reinterpreting reality, Ebrahim explores new forms of storytelling and attempts to understand one’s surroundings and establish a personal connection with them.

Alongside his personal and ethnographic projects, Ebrahim has photographed for Dataland, IKEA, ZN ALI and UNTY. His photographs have appeared in publications including Granta Magazine, Atmos Earth and he has participated in collective exhibitions at the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool, UK, Le18 in Marrakech, Morocco and Cairo Photo Week 2021 in Cairo, Egypt.

Ebrahim doesn’t make a distinction between personal projects and commissioned ones.

Limited edition prints available through Wondering People.

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